Youtube: Making Bag Of Bones

I like this a lot!  Here's why:
  • The tone looks truly spooky.
  • The spooks are nasty lookin'!
  • The mini-series gives the story room to breath.
  • Grarris is very faithful to King's work.


  1. I was a little skeptical because I'm not always a fan of made-for-tv movies because they usually look pretty cheap and have so-so acting, but this looks REALLY amazing and well-made. Happy to say I am quite excited for this one :-)

  2. I'm not so excited about this now. They made it all about ghosts, ghosts, rotting ghosts. What about the subtle creepiness of the ringing bell on the moose head or those GD refrigerator magnets? Or the classic banging on the wall? Why does everything have to jump out at you to be scary? I've read this book many times now and unless I'm having a major brain fart, I don't remember Mike ever seeing Jo as a ghost (does he? I thought it was just Sara). It just seems to me like they added too many bells and whistles.

  3. Michele, if you're looking for "subtle creepiness" then you have to look ANYWHERE except a Mick Garris movie.

    Personally, I think the footage looks awful. I'd like to think that even if I can't hope for it actually being good, I can hope that Garris's "Bag of Bones" won't be worse than "Desperation" ... but then I remember that Garris directed "Riding the Bullet," I and realize that is definitely IS possible.