Short Review Of Paperbacks From Hell

Paperbacks from hell is a book about books. Simply put, it's a fun filled wild ride through the world of horror paperbacks.

Yes, there's plenty of Stephen King references; but the book is about lesser novels.  About a genre of sloppy horror, back when getting scared was just plain ole fun. 

You'll come away with a reading list -- and another list of books they couldn't pay you to read.

I was first introduced to this on audible; so I listened to it.  I listened as I ran, and would have to stop many times and text myself the titles of books I just had to check out.  Later, I bought an acutal print copy of the book.  I really recommend this -- for the pictures!  Every page is full of pictures of paperbacks -- from hell.

The authors keep the book moving. It's lighthearted, never taking itself or its subject too serious; after all, these are mostly books people have forgotten. But want to know about some of the craziest stuff put in print, this is the book that gives you that tour.