The Mist

I loved the book "The Mist." The 3D audio recording was good, too. There is something sharp about this small novel. It "pops!" I love the idea of the people stranded in a store, turning against each other as monsters outside try to get them. I love the scene of the creatures flying through the store, and the tenticals attacking the men in the back loading area. Wow, it really moved. In fact, I think it is among King's scariest writings.

The Movie was also fantastic. Well, until the end. I'll just say this: I thought that was a terrible ending! Artsie, yes. Dark, gloomy, yes. But still terrible. I left the theater really bummed out, after watching a movie I loved 99% of. So at my house, we skip the end. I wish there was an alternate ending for that.

The strength's of the mist are:
  • It's length. It moves quickly into the action. After swallowing down a book like IT or The Stand, it's nice to have something that just moves quickly.
  • Characters. Conflict arises naturally as people take sides.
  • Situation. It is exciting to have that strange mist roll in, and then the monsters with it. Even the idea of the omnious "Arrowhead Project" is exciting.

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