Just couldn't make it!

Okay, here is a quick list of King books I started, but just couldn't make it through! This list says nothing about King's writing, only my perseverance in reading.

Lisey's Story. Seriously, was I supposed to keep up with all the flashbacks? My wife was listening to the book with me as we drove and we agreed that we couldn't even keep up with what era the scene was in. "No, this is past..." "oh yeah, you're right."

The Talisman. Sorry, I can't get past the first few pages of this. I keep reading about Jack Sawyer at the a cheap motel and looking at the sea, and it just doesn't grab me.

Christine. First person, third person, first person. . . huh?! I liked the movie.

The Tommyknockers. Okay, I liked the miniseries, so I keep coming back to this book. But it is frustratingly overwritten. I wish, seriously, that King would bless us with a better editied edition. If he could give us a new cut of the stand, why not a new cut of this? I think the idea of publishing Carrie and Tommyknockers together is funny. "Hey, we can't get anyone to read Tommyknockers. Maybe it they get hooked on Carrie, they will just keep reading. . ." Goodluck on that one.

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