Stephen King's 10 Best Novels

The Essential Stephen King sought to rank the novels and work of Stephen King. Of course, since it wasn't MY list, he got it wrong. (Come on, who doesn't put the Stand at the top of the list? Seriously!)

10. Salem's Lot
9. Cell
8. The Mist (Skeleton Crew)
7. Dolores Claiborne (I loved the connection to Geralds Game)
6. Dreamcatcher
5. Wolves Of The Calla
4. The Shining
3. Needful Things
2. IT
1. The Stand


  1. If you liked NEEDFUL THINGS--obviously you did--you should check out an old bestseller from the '70s called THE AUCTIONEER by Joan Samson. King has noted its influence on NEEDFUL, and it's quite a captivating, chilling read on its own. However she died of cancer right after publication so it was her only work.

  2. The stand is a terrefic novel!! epic!! I love it!
    Salem's Lot is very good indeed