Bev Vincent: A New Stephen King Companion

I'm editing this post for clarity!
Bev Vincent's website is announcing that he willbe releasing a new Stephen King Companion this fall, published by Barnes and Noble.
I enjoyed both previous companions by George Beahm. It is interesting that in the second edition Beahm didn't write the reviews of the books himself. I remember reading the original and being surprised that he simply stated he had not read the Talisman. How did that get through a publisher?
Anyway fall is looking good! Liljah's Library has a book out, a new Stephen King Companion -- and Under The Dome by the master himself! Sigh, if only fall would come.


  1. Just an FYI -- this book isn't related to George Beahm's, despite the similarity in titles. Stay tuned for more info!

  2. My apologies for not being clearer, Bev! I am looking forward to the book.