You Stole My Story

The opening line in Secret Window, Secret Garden is, "You stole my story." I'll bet King hears that a lot. But, now, seriously. . . somehow he stole my story! When I was in High School I wrote a novel, or started 300 pages of a novel, titled: "Silent Peremeter." It wasn't very good, but listen to the plot: It was about a city that was cut off from the world when a fog or mist settled over the city. The army gathered outside and inside war broke out.

All right, I'll knock it off. Actually, this is strange, but I'm really excited to see how he carried the idea out. Obviously I thought it was a good idea for a long book, but was unable to make it happen. What is also interesting is that long before I even put a word to paper, King had already tried his hand at this novel and stopped.

Truth is, I can't wait to read King's new book. If I ever find a copy of my book (I, uh, never printed it!), I'll at least give it a personal read through. I do remember the writing being particularly bad. It was like putting two King novels together (The Mist and The Stand).

But now seriously -- wasn't the plot for Under The Dome a lot like The Simpsons?!

And, by the way, where is the Secret Window OR the Secret Garden in that book?

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