King's "The Dune" to appear in GRANTA

picture credit: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY

Bob Minzesheimer at USA TODAY has some pretty exciting news: Granta, the London-based quarterly, has gotten Stephen King to "headline" an issue pandering to the literary side of horror.

Included will be "The Dune", a short story by Stephen King.  The Dune is about a 90-year-old retired judge who harbors a big secret about a tiny no-name island off the coast of Florida.   Minzesheimer gives a very nice summery of the story HERE.    The heart of this story?  Well it's about a dude who can read obituaries . . . IN ADVANCE!  The Dune is a perfect offering, since Minzesheimer explains that the horror is "psychological" more than blood and guts.

Also included will be stories by Don DeLillo, Paul Auster, Joy Williams and Mark Doty.

The choice for Stephen King is explained thusly: "Stephen King is a not only a great short story writer, but simply an important planet in our literary cosmos. In his best work he weaves all these elements of horror -- the metaphysical fear, the moral expulsions, and the formal machinery that evokes our fears so that we can exorcise them -- into one story. There's a reason why writers like David Foster Wallace cite him: he makes it look easy."

I can't wait!


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