I Don't Want Be Buried In The Pet Sematary

Huntsville Times staffer Neil Adams is posting a series titled "13 days of Halloween musical countdown" every day until Halloween.  Al.com explains that the post are certain "to warm the cobweb-matted corners of your heart."  I LIKE IT!

Today's offering, "The Ramones offer some burial tips."

Adams writes,
"The Stephen King novel out-creeped the movie it spawned, but the Ramones provided a highly memorable song for the film's soundtrack. The book/movie/song combo is enough to make you think twice about what you bury and -- especially -- where you bury it."
As for the video, it includes more than a dash of 1980s kitsch, but encasing the Ramones in a burial vault near the clip's end is a nice touch (as are Dee Dee's wicked spider bass and Uncle Stevie's cameo). If there's a rock 'n' roll heaven, it's a shame most of the group already is jamming there. The Ramones were a band that deserved to live forever. One way or another.
The full set of posts are here.

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  1. I love that song! It was actually playing in my car on my way home from work today, too -- it's on a CD of Halloween music I've got (along with other great stuff like "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo and "Creature from the Black Lagoon" by Dave Edmunds).