Text: "The Horrors Of Stephen King" commercial

Tonight TCM will air "A Night At The Movies, The Horrors Of Stephen King." 

Below is the text from the TCM commercial.  I think whoever does the write up for this kind of stuff is pretty good!  I'll bet it's a lot of fun. 

Haunting visions of menace and mastery  From black and white to atomic green and blood red."
King: "There's a very simple effect that horror film makers are after.  It is the huhhhhh!"  (Or: Ahhhhhh!)
This Monday, TCM invites you to a night at the movies, The Horrors Of Stephen King.  An all new documentary celebrating the greatest horrors ever committed to screen with master story teller Stephen King. 
King: "Just talking about it, I break out in goosebumps."
The most terrifying cinematic creations, crafted with vicious artistry. 
King, talking about The Haunting: "There are scenes of excruciating suspense and terror as something pounds on the door outside."

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