Could Ben Affleck Direct THE STAND ?

Mike Fleming at Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers has chosen Ben Affleck to direct its feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s epic tome The Stand

Fleming notes that with The Town and Gone Baby Gone, Affleck has shown the grit necessary to handle such an unforgettable tale. It’s early days, but the studio loves Affleck, who’s now directing Argo.

That's all folks.


  1. Affleck is a pretty good choice, in my opinion. I have not seen his first film, "Gone Baby Gone," but it is supposedly excellent. His second movie as a director, "The Town," was very good. If nothing else, Affleck appears to be very good at getting good performances out of actors, and that will be a very important quality for anybody directing an adaptation of "The Stand."

    I was very surprised by the news. I thought David Yates had signed to direct the movies back in the summer; I found myself wondering if something had gone wonky, though, when months went by with no casting news. That's typically not a good sign.

    Maybe this iteration of the project will fare better. I'm starting to think we're never actually going to see any of these S.K. projects come to fruition, though.