Who Was Marv ?

For years Marv has faithfully held his post at Lilja's Library.  Recently Marv opened Marv's Museum.  We all have a good idea of what Marv is up to these days . . . but who was he before? 

Get out your quill, invite George Stark over and start writing!  Lilja has an awesome creative writing contest, asking readers to write and tell us who Marvin S was before he became The Library Policeman.  The two best stories get an awesome reward!  Check it out at Lilja's Library.

Lilja posts the rules as follows:
1) You should base your story on the original illustration Glenn Chadbourne has done (see below).
2) The story should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.
3) You need to send me the story at the latest on Sunday February 19th, 12 PM Midnight Swedish times (that is 6PM New York time).
4) You can submit as many stories as you like.
5) The story has to be written in English.
6) You should send the story to me by mail at info[a]liljas-library.com
So get those word processors smoking!  Of course, many of us need to go give Library Policeman a deeper read.  I skipped and dipped through it years ago, but now I need to dig in!

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