Field Trip to Marv's Museum

Marv the Library Policeman
source: Lilja's Library

My favorite King site, Lilja's Library, has opened a whole new section called "Marv's Museum."  Check it out HERE
First, you have to meet Marv.  Lilja shared with me that Marv was created by Glenn Chadbourne in 2006 as a mascot for Lilja’s Library.  For the past few years Marv has bee keeping watch atop Lilja's Library website.  He also appears on the cover and inside the book version of Lilja's Library.

So what is "Marv's Museum"?  Well, Lilja explained on his website that, "Marv’s Museum is a museum where I will show you interesting items that I have collected over the years. Initially there will be props from King movies but as time goes on I hope to add other things, things that I think you will find interesting."

The Museum is already a bustling place.  You find. . .
  • Pictures of items from Dolan's Cadiallac,
  • The original drawings for the president (King) and the first lady Zombies used in the Dollar Baby Home Delivery
  • The helmet that used in the Nightmares & Dreamscapes episode Battleground
  • This boxing robe used by the actor Ken Pogue in season two of The Dead Zone
  • This is the Can Tah that was used during the filming of Desperation

From Marv's Musuem
Lilja writes: "These newspapers where used in the movie version of The Mist from 2007 and if you look very close you’ll see some very interesting articles in it. They were donated by Frank Darabont himself."

And there's more!  My favorite is newspapers that were used in The Mist (pictured. . . but there's a lot more).  The headlines/articles are great!

Okay, that''s enough talk. . . time for the field trip.  Head on over to Marv's Museum.

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