Quigley: Collection Time for Stephen King

Kevin Quigley has posted a great article at FEARnet.com.  Quigley is author of several books about Stephen King and proprietor of Charnel House.

Quigley's article, titled "Collection Time for Stephen King: An Observation" is like an alarm clock reminding the constant reader that the time must be near for another collection of short stories. In  Collection Time, Quigley gives us an examination of several of King's short stories that have not yet been included in a book.

Of course, some of King's most memorable works have come from the books of short stories.  The Mist was one of my favorites.  Of course, sometimes the short stories are deeply connected to King's novels.   Jerusalem's Lot lay the ground work for Salem's Lot and Night Surf was groundwork for The Stand.  One of my favorites is Survivor Type -- which is a different kind of take on cannibalism. 

Quigley spots things I would easily miss.  (Maybe because I don't focus enough on the short stories, as I'm just trying to stay afloat reading all those novels!)  I like this observation about Morality:
"Morality" forms a loose trilogy with "Mute" (from Just After Sunset) and Full Dark, No Stars' "Fair Extension" as stories that explore the concept of sin and how it affects regular people.
Quigley also considers what story should serve as the "opening act."  I'll stop giving spoilers, because you should really read this article and chew on his conclusions.  I like it all!

The full article is HERE.

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