Cujo Goes To Iran

Iran Book News Agency has a post announcing "Cujo" has been translated into Persian and is headed for Iran.  The translation was done by Maryam Malakouti and will be released by Ofogh Publications.

The article reminds us that the 1981 novel was one King has said he really doesn't remember writing!  It also gives some background on the name Cujo, which is based on "the nom de guerre of Willie Wolfe, one of the men responsible for orchestrating Patty Hearst's kidnapping and indoctrination into the Symbionese Liberation Army."

Other King novels already published in Persian include "Blaze", "Dreamcatcher", "The Green Mile", and "Cell."  that's interesting, because those works are all less religious than other works by King.  I wonder if that has any impact on deciding which books to translate and publish in Iran.

The article is HERE

thanks to Bryant Burnette

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