Bag Of Bones DVD This March

Dreadcentral has posted that Bag Of Bones will be out on DVD March 18.  It will retail for $26.99. 

They list the following special features:
  • Voicemail from Sid featurette
  • I Miss You Jo featurette


  1. I'll be very disappointed if there isn't a Mick Garris commentary track. I don't enjoy his movies much, but I always enjoy hearing him talk about making them!

  2. I knew it would be hard for you to restrain your excitement.

  3. No sarcasm intended: I really do enjoy Garris's commentary tracks. I've always wished there was one -- preferably one WITH King -- on the "Sleepwalkers" DVD.

    I'll be buying the "Bag of Bones" DVD -- or possibly the Blu-ray -- one way or another, of course. The collection demands it!

  4. One of King's best stories, one of the worst movies