Bag Of Bones An Excellent Thriller!

Bag Of Bones, Sweden

Debbie Walker has posted a list of 5 books to read in 2012.  #5 on her list is Bag of Bones.  Her explanation for why she loves this books makes one fantastic short review.  Very insightful!  The full list is HERE.  And this is what she said about Bag Of Bones:
Bag of Bones is another important entry in King’s take on writers and writing. Mike’s inability to write following the death of his wife, Jo, is palpably frustrating. One of King’s greatest strengths is putting into plain words the struggles of writing novels; here, writer’s block is as real and painful as Paul Sheldon’s physical pain in Misery, or Eddie Dean’s withdrawal hell in The Drawing of the Three. One doesn’t need to be a writer to understand Mike’s torment, or sympathize with it. Beyond King’s understanding of the writing (or not-writing) process is a rare glimpse into the world of publishing. Mike putting away manuscripts to be published at a later date is a fascinating, idiosyncratic detail that is also necessary to the plot. Now that the Mini Series has aired re-read or read for the first time Bag of Bones: an excellent book and a thriller in the best of Stephen King.

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