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In a listing of favorite books for 2011, an interesting nod was given to Stephen King.  While the writer of the article did not include any of King's work on her list, she discussed his writing in her review of  the Isle of Blood, by Rick Yancey. 
This is the horror of Stephen King, including the deep examination of people and their psyches, a look into what makes people love — or people kill. It is told in the rich language of days past, as if polysyllabic words and classical language makes blood and violence easier to read about and to think about. To think – yes, horror demands you to think, not just about “what is that sound outside my window” but the deeper philosophical questions, such as – what is a monster? What is a man? What is the difference?  (
I agree.  The strength of King's writing is in the characters.  I even cared about Christine! 

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