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Hey, there is a lot of really cool news out there right now. Let me offer some bullet points to several interesting stories out right now:

I really enjoyed the article at Lilja's Library titled "Did You Catch Stephen King?" (HERE).  He recounts Kings various on screen appearances, from small roles to large -- country bumpkin to loveable trucker.  He even notes one non Stephen King project in which you can spot King's voice!  It's a very nice summery.

Hollywood Reporter has a Sundance Film Review of Room 237.  (HERE)  The bottom line, " A wacky, sometimes hilariously esoteric deconstruction of the subliminal messages and hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining."

*  Matt at Stephen King Fancast has posted an interview with Christopher Birk, director of Willa. (HERE)  Also catch my interview with Matt (HERE).  And the nice things Matt said about me, even though I picked on him and Bryant, are (HERE).

Playbill.com has a article titled: PHOTO ARCHIVE: Carrie Musical, Original Photos and Playbill.  (HERE) "As the infamous musical Carrie — based on the Stephen King novel — prepares for its first-ever New York revival at MCC Theater, we look back at the original UK and NYC productions and offer a glance through the pages of the Broadway Playbill."

The original final chapter of 11/22/63 has been posted on stephenking.com (HERE).  Though posted at stephenking.com, I first saw it at Lilja's.

DVD File has posted the final specs for the Bag Of Bones DVD's.  (HERE)  I might be the only constant reader who enjoyed this mini-series a lot! 

Summer Dawn Hortillosa at The Jersey Journal has a story titled, "Lincoln, Holland tunnels subject of exhibit at Hoboken Historical Museum."  (HERE)  She discusses Angus Gillespie, who served as a consultant for the exhibit's design.  Gillespie has written a book, “Crossing Under the Hudson: The Story of The Holland and Lincoln Tunnels" in which she notes various media references to the tunnels, including Stephen King's novel The Stand.  Worth noting, since I think the trip through the Lincoln Tunnel is one of the most memorable -- if not one of the scariest -- scenes in any Stephen King book.  Rank it right up there with those two women hacking each other to death in the middle of the street in Needful Things, eh!

*  Finally, Matt at Stephen King Fancast introduced me to the Discordia 19 website.  Very well done!  You can find it (HERE)  Check out the post, "Mark Geyer Remarqued King Illustrations" (HERE).


  1. Wow, thanks for the plug to Discordia. Just getting started over there. Joe from www.discordia19.com

  2. you're welcome. I like the website a lot.