Carrie: She's Baaack!

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 I spotted this first at Lilja's Library.  Carrie is set to be remade. . . again!  Mike Fleming at Deadline posted that MGM has chosen Kimberly Peirce to direct the newest remake of Carrie. 

Before King fans roll their eyes, note this quote from the Deadline article:
Aguirre-Sacasa set out to write a version of Carrie that is more faithful to the King book, and more grounded than the Brian De Palma-directed film. That kind of grounded material is something Peirce does well.
Adam Chitwood at writes:
The director’s experience with off-kilter coming-of-age stories should bode well for her work on Carrie, and I’m intrigued to see what her take entails. (HERE)
A more faithful edition of Carrie.  Can't complain about that!


  1. "Can't complain about that"?!?

    David, have you ever been on the internet? OF COURSE you can complain. Doesn't matter what about.

    You won't catch ME complaining about this new version of Carrie, though. I'm not a fan of the original movie, and while I like the made-for-TV version pretty well, it's kinda low-rent.

    There's a lot of potential in a more-faithful-to-the-novel movie. And if Peirce ends up being the director, she's a great fit; "Boys Don't Cry" is a great, disturbing movie, and if she can bring something similar to that level of realism to "Carrie," then it could be very memorable.

    Bring it on, I says!

  2. The internet has totally messed me up, Bryant! And facebook, too. I'm sitting here looking for the "LIKE" button on your comment. Duh.

    Totally agree, looking forward to a version that hoolds closer to the book.

    I do wish that instead of visiting all old projects, that producers would take a risk on some new stuff. Cell, Duma, DARK TOWER, Buick 8. And so long as we're remaking movies, how about Dreamcatcher? And I never did understand Hearts (the movie, not the book).

    And why is no one making a cartoon of Eyes of the Dragon?

  3. It's all going to end up getting filmed sooner or later, and most of it will get filmed more than once. I have no doubt of that.

  4. All right then, boys, I will complain about this until the cows come home... whenever that's supposed to be! What the hell is wrong with the original? Maybe it's not as "faithful" per se but what do you want to do? Read a bunch of letters and newspaper clippings on the screen? The main gist of the story is there save for some background (would have liked to see the stones raining on Carrie's house, though) and some changes at the end. Sissy doesn't look like Carrie is supposed to but her portrayal is honest and believable. And dear god, you CANNOT replicate Piper Laurie's insanity and beauty in the creation of Margaret White - well, um, unless Laurie does it herself you know, cuz she's still around and all.

    I've got a lot of love for the original and sure it's dated but I still think it is so effective and wonderful. For me, all I can imagine in a remake is a bunch of girls from The Hills pouring blood on an actress that is actually very pretty but the costumer just put her in glasses and frizzed up her hair or something you know? For the time period it was filmed in, it worked so well. A modern version would perhaps be stylistic and not as real.

  5. Wait, wait, wait: Michele, are you holding up DePalma's "Carrie" as an example of realism over style?

    This is the movie that features split-screen photography, over-the-top-verging-on-camp performances, extensive use of slow motion, occasional use of FAST motion, Hitchcock "homages," split-diopter shots, and a pivotal dream sequence. Nobody on Earth will ever convince me that it's an example of realism except in the "how not to be realistic" sense.

    I know it's a beloved movie to a great many horror aficionados. I'm just not one of them.

    I'll also be the one to say it: Piper Laurie is terrible in that movie. AWFUL. She's so over the top that Jack Nicholson could look up her dress while he was playing The Joker. In the novel, she's also over the top, but in a terrifying way; in the movie, she's just silly, with big stupid hair and a phony Suthun ACK-sint, and I don't believe one second of it while she is on the screen.

    So for that reason alone, I'd like to see someone take a better crack at the novel than DePalma was able to. Apart from that, while Spacek is admittedly great in the role, she's not SO great that another actor couldn't do something equally memorable. Then there also the budget restrictions which prevented us from seeing Carrie's crucial march of destruction homeward; even a relatively modest budget could get that onscreen nowadays.

    Sorry to be such a troll, but I just don't care for DePalma's movie very much. The novel is superb, and deserves to be revisited.

  6. The great thing about the original is. . . it will always be there,in all its glory. But if they are going to remake it, lets root for one that holds tight to the book. Not something "inspired" by Stephen King.

  7. hey I'm Francisco from Spain, I hope you excuse my poor english, the classic by De Palma is one of the best horror films in history, it goes like a clockwork, you can't do nothing to stop fatality and the actors are perfect in theirs roles

    more interesting could be a film or a miniseries about Duma Key, the best King has written since 1983

    by the way what about the first remake? worth enough?

    and like Michele I think this remake will be a silly thing with a lot of young and thin models

  8. I haven't seen "Stop Loss," but I did see "Boys Don't Cry." That movie is about as far away from "silly thing with lot of young and thin models" as it's possible to get; the very fact of her hiring seems to indicate that there is a strong desire to NOT go in that direction.

  9. I hope so but I'm almost sure the film will be closer to the remake of Prom night or Sorority row

  10. What makes you almost sure of that? Was it the hiring of scriptwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa -- the gentleman who just spent several years writing an extremely faithful adaptation of "The Stand"? Or was it the hiring of a director known for her attention to realistic detail?

    Because to me, those things indicate anything BUT the type of cheap cash-in PG13 horror flick you are afraid of. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be crap. But then again, it may not. Either way, fans of the DePalma film are not obliged to go and see this new version; so, really, you're good either way.

  11. the trend in remakes of lame versions of the originals with younger actors and actresses...

    by the way is it the release programmed for 2012? now I'm really curious...

  12. I haven't seen anything in terms of a target release date. I'd guess 2013 is the earliest we'd possibly see it.