If We Could Choose

I'm really excited that a new anthology film is being made.  If I could choose 4 stories to see hit the screen as part of an anthology movie, I'd choose:

Full Dark, No Stars.  All four stories in one movie.  I think it would make an awesome movie. If kept short (like the book), it could be a powerful movie. 

If not Full Dark, here are 4 stories I think would be cool to see on screen:
  • The Sun Dog
  • Mile 81
  • Blockade Billy
  • Morality
So, what 4 stories would you like to see put into an anthology movie?  Go ahead, give us your version of Creepshow!


  1. All four of the stories in "Full Dark, No Stars" are too long to fit into an anthology movie. Same goes for "The Sun Dog" (as well as for two of the titles which popped immediately to my mind: "N." and "The Breathing Method").

    My votes go to any of the following:

    "The Jaunt"
    "Jerusalem's Lot"
    "I Am the Doorway"
    "The Boogeyman"
    "Home Delivery"
    "The Man in the Black Suit"
    "Graduation Afternoon"

  2. Here’s an idea about linking several interrelated stories together based around their shared theme. I’m thinking of the following:
    That Feeling You Can Only Say What it is in French

    The New York Times at Bargain Prices


    The Things They Left Behind


    I know three of these are Dollar Baby projects already. Still, wouldn’t it be neat if these five could be linked as an anthology film?

    What connects the stories I’ve selected is the shared theme that they all deal in one way or another with God and the afterlife.

    King has stated That Feeling is about Hell while Willa is about Heaven. In fact, if you go back and read New York Times and Willa together in the order as written, you’ll find the first is an obvious precursor to the second.

    What would be even more interesting is if you could interrelate them so as to be like Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter.

  3. The Sun Dog might be interesting but can't you just see them totally screwing it up and having the worst cheesy effects ever? It's already kinda hard for me to make a movie out of that story in my own head when I'm reading it, you know? In that same vein, what do you think The Library Policemen would look like? Weird and awkward would be my guess, even though I do quite like that story.

    Quitters Inc. is one of my favorite shorts and I wasn't too fond of the adaptation they did in Cat's Eye, so I would love to see a retelling of that.

  4. I loved The Ledge in Cat's Eye. To me it was wortht he whole movie.

    No doubt about it it, girl who loves horror -- the books are better. So much better!