Bev Vincent and the Doctor in IT

A new copy of Cemetery Dance came the other day.  While the issue itself is not very devoted to King, Bev Vincent's article's are always stuffed full of note worthy King items. 

Bev discusses Full Dark No Stars, offering a summery of the book.  Most interesting to me, Bev shares that his doctor was mentioned in the King book IT.  As it turns out, the doctor had been King's physician in the 1970's.  "There he is, giving a baby Mike Hanlon a tetanus shot."   

I also enjoyed Bev's review of the movie Dolan's Cadillac.  No spoilers here, except to say that he does say it is better than the Children of the Corn remake.  Hummmm. . .

Vincents notes on King are always interesting and alone make it worth picking up a copy of Cemetery Dance.

You can purchase Cemetery Dance #65 HERE


  1. He's right: "Dolan's Cadillac" IS better than the remake of "Children of the Corn."

    Other things that are better than the remake of "Children of the Corn":

    (1) virtually everything
    (2) almost everything else

    That remake is HORRIBLE.

    "Dolan's Cadillac" isn't all that good, either, but I've seen way worse.

  2. I hate children of the corn in every incarnation! All of it is terrible. The original short story was a great. . . short story! It wasn't a novel, and it certainly didn't deserve a whole line of movies chasing after it.

    So, my whole hearted agreement with you, Bryant.

    Actually, I liked Dolan's Cadillac both as a story and the movie was okay. But, it felt like a dollar baby !!! Hesitating, though, because I can't remember what I openly wrote about it!

  3. Yeah, I didn't mind the movie too much. It's not good, but it's not bad enough that it bothered me. Plus, it's hardly one of my favorite King stories, so I wasn't too concerned with how the movie turned out one way or the other.

    As I've said before, I've got an odd fascination with the "Children of the Corn" movies. They're terrible, but I enjoy them for reasons probably best left unexplored. But that remake was just flat-out terrible; didn't even have any trash appeal.