11.22.63 Journal #6: Suspicions

Reading a good book is like eating a good meal -- don't rush!  I'm enjoying 11.22.63 quite a bit.  I'm in the final days, headed quickly toward the BIG day.  So, of course, all the answers are near by, I hope! 

Remember the guy who used to hang around Ed Wood named Criswell ? He was famous for saying, "I PREDICT!" And he would say crazy things. Well, I have a few to offer. and if you don't know who I mean, google Criswell. No, I don't mean the pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Dallas!

It is worth writing down some suspicions I have at this point, before I know the outcome.  So. . . here are some not so educated guesses!  Those of you who have read the whole thing, don't correct me! 

So. . .

1. I suspect this will turn out to be a dry run.  That is, our friend is going to reset history again once he sees the outcome of his efforts.

2. I suspect Sadie will help George carry out his mission.

3. I suspect on his second trip, George will protect Sadie better.  the best face lift would be a reset in the timeline.

4. And if he does do this all again, I think he should do a LOT more study before heading into the past. George jumped too quick!  He needed to spend some time with his friend google and wiki. 

5. I suspect saving Kennedy will do nothing to save MLK. 

6. And for the changes that would happen if Kennedy did live:
--Without LBJ, I suspect the civil rights movement might take more time. 
--I do think Vietnam would be avoided all together if Kennedy lived.
--With no Vietnam, I am left wondering about other wars.  Gulf Wars and various police actions.  No idea on those!  I hope King deals with them.
7. I know the yellow-card man will be back.  He is always lurking near by.  But what kind of wrench he will throw in the mission, I don't know. 

So there you go.  Notes from a guy who actually knows nothing!


  1. It ends with Captain Kirk kidnapping everyone and making them all help him save a whale.

    Best ending ever!

  2. HA! That is very funny. But why would Kirk kidnap anyone. I'm not sure this makes sense.

    I think. . . since I know nothing, and will follow your star trek scenero:

    *George travels back in time to save Kennedy.
    *Kingons go back to the 1960's to destroy kirks ancestors.
    *HOwever, every time the Kingons carry out their plan, george unkowingly re-sets the time line; confusing the Kingons.
    *To get rid of George, the Klingons go after Stephen King.
    *Pennywise kills the klingons.
    *No one saves the whales, and thus earth will perish when a rogue probe wants to have a chat.

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  4. (Too many typos; had to delete and redo!)

    Kirk would kidnap them because he has to, David. For the whales; for the future. Kirk WILL get it done!

    *Klingons go back in time to destroy Kirk's ancestors, but are annihilated by Terminators, who have decided to go back in time and kill Sarah Connor's mother, Dolores Connor.
    *Jake attempts to reset the time line yet again, but is apprehended by Federation authorities and sent to Rura Penthe, the prison planet.
    *The Klingons next go after Stephen King, but are murdered in about five seconds by Eddie, who recognizes them immediately.
    *Pennywise is revealed to be a rogue member of the Q Continuum. Picard fixes HIS little red wagon, but not for hundreds of years yet. However, due to disruptions to the timeline, one of Pennywise's future victims is young Wesley Crusher. Awww.....
    *Kirk, having saved the whales and Earth's future, tries to seduce Sadie, and is totally successful, what with Jake being on the Klingon prison planet. Jake decides to teach English-language classes for inmates, and is murdered after attempting to stage a variety show.

  5. Nelson, from the Simpsons: "Ha Ha!"

  6. Well, Reverend, I'm delighted to see a new journal entry. I didn't mean you had to start right away however, still it's nice to have another entry like I say.

    Can't wait to here final summation once you reach the finish line.

    Here's a question, if you were offered the opportunity, would you do the same as the protagonist?