Who's gonna die laughing?

Here is King's EW article: Decoding Movie Blurbs.


Here's a couple of his blurbs, but the whole article is great.

  • ''One of the best films of the year!'' This is the Mother of All Blurbs, most commonly sighted on TV and in newspapers around awards season. TRANSLATION: ''It's not.''
  • ''Delightfully funny! Chemistry galore!'' (Leap Year) TRANSLATION: ''You might laugh once or twice, but don't count on it. The actors are clearly breathing, however, and sometimes they breathe on each other.''
  • ''Prepare to die laughing!'' (It's Complicated) TRANSLATION: ''You will see actors you know and respect doing wacky things!'' Also, ask yourself this: Do you want to die laughing? I suppose it would be better than choking to death on a steak bomb at Quiznos, but still.

I like that last one. Only Stephen King would ask us: Do you want to die laughing? Now we wait patiently to see -- now that the idea is in his head. . . what character will die laughing?


  1. Hi, I didn't find the link to the article, until I get to your blog... thanks!!
    BTW, it's an amazing article, very hilarious!!

  2. Sonia,
    you're welcome. I got it off liljas library.

    Have a great day