Inside Look At Knowing Darkness

The massive book Artist Inspired By Stephen King has gotten a lot of priase. 24 of the unique pictures are posted at Included are:

1. Roger Stine, Carrie
2. David Voigt, Stephen King on Hollywood
3. Steven Shroud, Cujo
4. R.J. Krupowicz, The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet
5. Don Brautigam, Night Shift
6. Don Brautigam, Skeleton Crew
7. Stephen Gervais, The Regulators
8. J.K. Potter, Skeleton Crew (I like this one)
9. Phil Hale, Gunfire
10. Jill Bauman, The Wheel of Fortune
11. Rob Wood, Nightmares and Dreamscapes
12. Bernie Wrightson, May (cycle of the warewolf)
13. Bernie Wrightson, They stared at him. He stared back
14. Bernie Wrightson, Before the Play
15. Michael Whelan, The Dead Town
16. Michael Whelan, Come On Now, You Bastards
17. Dave McKean, work from The Dark Tower IV
18. Dave McKean, work from The Dark Tower IV
19. Comert Dogru, “The Dark Tower" (spooky Turkish edition)
20. David Ho, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
21. Peter Stanimirov, Christine
22. Drew Stuzan, The Shawshank Redemption
23. Darrel Anderson, The Dark Tower
24. Les Edwards, The Island Ferry

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