Dumbest Moments In Stephen King Movies

Joseph Lee at 411mania.com is doing Stephen King Month. This weeks article, "A Bloody Good Time: Stephen King Month Part 2 (The Dumbest Moments)" is worth a glance and a chuckle.
Lee writes, With the slogan of negativity first, I finished last week's worst films countdown and move on to the dumbest moments within all of his adaptations. As with normal "Dumbest Moments" columns, these are the most head-scratchingly stupid decisions or scenes that stand out in a bad film or drag down a good film just by being there. This isn't a movie series this time around, but an entire group of films based on adaptations of books. So it was a little trickier to narrow it down and pick out specific parts that represent the stupidity as a whole.
Here's his list, check out the website for the article:
#10: Poor adaptation choices
#9: Unnecessary sequels
#8: Virtual Reality Sex from The Lawnmower Man
#7: The Escape Plan from Maximum Overdrive
#6: The final story in Cat's Eye
#5: Morgan Freeman's overacting in Dreamcatcher
#4: The dialogue in Children of the Corn
#3: Bad Special Effects in The Langoliers, Dreamcatcher and Thinner, among others.
#2: The Giant Spider in IT
#1: The Mist Ending
And I have to say, concerning #1, I completely agree! I hated the ending to the Mist.


  1. OMG, I hated the ending to the Mist too. I covered my face and told my husband if the thing that I thought was going to happen, happened,it would ruin the whole film! And it happened!! Frustrating beyond measure!
    (I write my own horror over at
    http://www.thecleanwhitepage.com if you'd like to take a look)
    Anyway, I do love Stephen's writing so.

  2. Well, don't let the ending ruin the whole movie. It was the BEST up until then.

  3. I really liked The Mist. I thought, by far, it was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. I'm not the type of guy who enjoys it ( I really don't) but in this one, it seemed perfect.

    I highly recommend this movie, but I haven't read Skeleton Crew yet, although I have it.