Haiti Not Under The Dome

Just a short note here. Reading Under the Dome and watching the news makes me realize what a good sociologist King is. Of course, Haiti is not cut off from the rest of the world. But reports of looting and civil unrest make me think of King's descriptions at the grocery store in Under The Dome. The news sometimes gives us glimpses into the world of Stephen King.

Each of us should consider how we are to contribute to relief in Haiti. Simply because. . . Haiti is not under a Dome. We can do something.


  1. During the last 24 hours, I have been trying to reach Tabitha King regarding issues which are important to her in Maine. I would like Stephen to know that with respect to Haiti, I have a proposal for action which follows a new paradigm... which I would like to share with him; it is a proposal which has the imprimatur of the late Howard Zinn and other high profile figures worldwide. It needs to be tweaked for the present moment, but it is designed to provide more than band aids. It is all about dealing with the source of the bleeding in that country whilst we do the necessary work to address immediate concerns. Blessings in solidarity, Richard Martin Oxman 831-688-8038 at any hour in Aptos, CA or tosca.2010@yahoo.com

  2. I just posted http://oxtogrind.org/archive/705 ("Stephen King and Haiti"). I would appreciate a response from one and all. Blessings in solidarity, Ricardo Bueyhombre at 831-688-8038 in Santa Cruz County, CA or tosca.2010@yahoo.com

  3. This isn't Stephen King's blog. It's a fan blog only.