Under The Dome Notes #7

This book is outstanding! One of the things I really like is King's easy, conversational narration. In fact, I find myself saying: "Oh, I didn't know you could do that!"

For instance, the main paragraph on page 474 is wonderful. Notice how King is acting like a tour guide. He suddenly moves to present active tense and speaks directly to the reader. It is as if the constant reader has been transported inside the Dome and is sitting a-top the store roof with Mr. King as he points out what's going on.
  • "There is a pause, a moment of indrawn breath. think of a cat teetering on two wheels, deciding whether or not to go over."
  • "See Rose Twitchell looking around..."
  • "See Anson put his arm around her waist."
  • "Listen to George Roux howl through her hanging mouth..." (yuck)
  • "See the reinforcements."
  • "Next comes Linda Everett.."
  • "See Julia arrive just behind Linda and Marty..."
  • "See frank DeLesseps kneel down beside Mel just in time to avoid another rock..."
  • "Then... then someone yells. . ."

This is all stuff your English teacher will tell you not to do. But it's stuff readers love! Now, it's annoying when a writer stays in that mode for an entire novel. King doesn't even stay there for one whole page. But when he uses this narrative style, it is very powerful.

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