It's a dark and rainy night. After church our family hunkered down to watch a movie, and I convinced them that a great stormy night movie was Twister. Not much thinking needed here, just watch tornados rip up the American Midwest.
"Ahhh," my wife was thinking to herself, "alas, no Stephen King." (I think I wore them out on the eight hour mini series The Stand. Oh well, their loss.)
But, as we're watching Twister, my wife says, "Oh no! Look what's on the drive in movie screen." I look up from my computer to see a twister tearing through a drive in movie... and on the screen is Jack Nicholson wielding his ax. Sweet! Best part is watching Jacko get blown to smitherines by the tornado.
IMBD notes a this factual error: "The drive-in theatre is showing The Shining (1980), but the film jumps about an hour." Yeah, yeah, yeah -- who cares. I mean, Twister was made in 1996, so the real question is: Why are these people crowded in a drive in theater to watch a movie from 1980? Those midwest towns must really be dull! And we all know, all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.
By the way, here's the poll results from last weeks poll. question was: Which is better, Stephen King's the Shining or Kubrick's. You said:
3 -- Kubrick's version
10 -- King's Mini-Series
5 -- I like them both
2 -- I hate them both

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