The Worst Part

The worst part about ordering your stuff off the internet is the waiting. Everyone else on the planet has already read Under The Dome (or is at least 800 pages into it) -- and I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive. I bought a limited edition, and a signed limited. My wife asked, "You aren't really going to read that, are you?" Good point! Glad she saw the problem. So I also bought an audio edition. Of course, I could listen to most of the BIBLE in the time it will take to get through this!

I am looking forward to the long read. Looking forward to my books getting here.

And, while on the subject of waiting. . . I was in Barnes and Nobel yesterday and asked for the second time for a copy of Bev Vincent's book. Hummm, no one could find it. It was in the computer, sure enough. . . but finding that exact shelf is difficult. So, I thought, I'll just Amazon this one. Sorry -- it's going for $35 new and 50+ used !!! Maybe I'll just wait this one out.

So, I continue to wait. The mail man comes slowly in these parts of America. And, with a book as big as U.T.D., he's in no hurry to get it to me.

And to think that I"ve put off re-reading Duma Key -- and put off giving Lisey's Story a second chance because that book is in the mail.

My wife laughed at me when I checked the mail again. . . after it had already come. But when you're a Theist -- Miracles are possible. But, not probable.

In the mean time I have been reading The Dark Half. A wonderful book about Richard Bachman. . . I mean George Stark. I love it! This little book is one of Kings too often overlooked treasures.

I wonder if the mail might come at midnight. I should check. . .

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  1. It's available for about $22 at -- Amazon isn't allowed to sell it new themselves since it's a B&N exclusive. The store distribution has been varied. I had the same issue you had at my own store here, whereas a couple of people have seen big displays of the book right inside the front door -- even in Manhattan.