King Of The Beach is putting together a list of the 100 best beach books. They have this note on their site:

"Many of you told us you just can't wait until July 29 — when we unveil the results of the 100 Best Beach Books vote — to start reading. So here's the complete list of around 200 finalists, nominated by you and the NPR Books Board. Happy reading!"

4 Nominations:

Of their 200 finalist, Stephen King's name pops up four times. That's a lot in a world full of books.

Dolores Claiborne.
Pet Semetary
The Shining
The Stand

Now, what is a "beach book"?  Duma Key, of course!  wubr says, "While all the books on the list should be enthralling enough to inoculate vacation-goers against the vagaries of missed flights and bad weather, many "great books" aren't great "beach books." Tone, setting and sheer length play their parts. On the other hand, status as a classic isn't an automatic disqualifier; both The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice were popular nominees."

Okay, I'm still not sure what a beach book is. War and Peace is on the list, and I certainly don't picture that as a beach book!

So Are These Beach Books?  Well, if you're gong to read The Stand at the beach, I hope you have a long vacation or a beach house. But all of these are great! I would actually think Pet Semetary, a personal favorite, would make wonderful beach reading.

Are these beach books? I dunno! Dolores Claiborne is a wonderful read. But I somehow identify a beach book as being a little bt "forgetable." Don't know why. But a beach book feels to me like something you read only to entertain you for the moment -- lik a Simpsons episode. But, I'm sure I am the only one with that definition. My wife just says that a beach book is, "Just some little paperback that doesn't take long to read."

My List
I welcome, as always, your list. Since four books made the list, I'll offer four King books I think are "beach" books:

The Body (Different Seasons)
The Colorado Kid

Authors I identify as "Beach Book" writers:
James Patterson
Patricia Cornwell
John Grisham (classic Grisham, anyway.)
Harlan Coben



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