Constant Reader Christmas Shopping

Donald M. Grant has this notice posted:
The man in black fled across the desert
"Special Announcement: Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. has published a book containing THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA and the revised edition of THE GUNSLINGER (which was published by Viking).We are now taking orders for THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA. We began shipping in January, 2009."
and the gunslinger followed
Grant is probably the best of the Stephen King publishers -- in my opinion. Issue prices are not crazy high, and the price does go up quickly once they are sold out. Just try gettinga copy of From A Buick 8. That is particularly true of the Deluxe edition.
Artist Edition $95.00
Deluxe Edition $300.00
(Grant says that buyers have to already have purchased the S/L Dark Tower books to be able to immediately purchase a deluxe edition. Otheriwse, it's a lottery system.)
You can also get a Dark Tower 7 Artist Edition and the Talisman/Blackhouse gift set for $165.00. I think the price is right on with this, since I bought both these items separately and paid about that. (90 for Dark Tower 7 Artist Edition and about 75 for the Talisman/Blackhouse gift set.)

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