Green Man Review Of Lilja's Library

Hans-Åke Lilja posted an explanation today as to why his book has not yet arrived in mail boxes. Which doesn't really make the waiting any easier. (I pre-ordered this book when Nixon was president... I think)

Anyway, it promises to be an outstanding look at the world of Stephen King. Lilja's Library also posted a link to Green Man's review of the book. While the review is overall positive, it does seem that there are things Green Man doesn't get.

Green Man writes: "A Web site, only really topical and relevant if constantly updated, seems an odd choice for immortalization in a static print book." Really? I find it helpful to actually have things in hard-copy print. To be able to thumb through the work instead of having to read everything online.

"While readers probably wouldn't want to devour the contents in one sitting, Lilja's Library is a testament to Lilja's hard work, and a fascinating glimpse into the worlds of Stephen King. While no substitute for the Web site itself, the content is a fine representation of the online library's offering and a fine addition to any fan's King bookshelf."

In the meantime. . . I'll wait patiently. Probably not. Okay, I gotta go check the mail. . .

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