More Reviews Of Lilja's Library

"While readers probably wouldn't want to devour the contents in one sitting, Lilja's Library is a testament to Lilja's hard work, and a fascinating glimpse into the worlds of Stephen King. While no substitute for the Web site itself, the content is a fine representation of the online library's offering and a fine addition to any fan's King bookshelf."— April Gutierrez, Green Man Review

"Lilja's Library: The World of Stephen King" is a major labor of love that is a treasure trove for King fans and in a category all its own. Lilja's combination of knowledge about King, his passion for King's work, and his writing and editing talents make for a magnificent tome that is a must-read for King lovers. It seems like Lilja has talked to everyone, and reviewed everything, and having all his interviews, articles, and reviews in one place is a goldmine for Constant Readers. M-O-O-N spells "Lilja" and we all owe our friend across the pond roaring thanks for this terrific book." Stephen Spignesi
"The bottom line: If you have more than a casual interest in King, this book is a worthy addition to your bookshelf, especially if you don't want to scroll through pages of back-lit text online (and I don't): I welcome the opportunity to sit down and browse this book, reading an interview here, a review there, and adding to my small body of knowledge about the big man in Bangor... Lilja's website is the #1 King fan website in the world, and after reading this book, you'll know why."— George Beahm, Charnel House guest reviewer

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