Under The Dome Notes #2

picture by by Crocazill http://crocazill.deviantart.com/art/Under-the-Dome-cover-designs-137189882
Wow. This book really, really moves. Chopped off hands, dead people, car wrecks. All good stuff.
Just one comment about the religious radio station; the Jesus music. How Great Thou Art and What A Friend We Have In Jesus is not exactly what's running on most religious stations. Contemporary Christian music has pretty well taken over the air-waves. But I guess somewhere, maybe in Maine, Christian music still runs hymns. Maybe there's organ music interludes. Exciting. But on this coast, the religious stuff got a little more hyper. Duke probably wouldn't like it.
Oh, the logging truck was pretty cool.
See how pointless these notes are. You're welcome.

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