Review Under The Dome

Well, the positive reviews for Under The Dome couldn't roll in forever. At some point someone had to open their mouth and start the complaining. leads the pack of literary wolves.

Andrew Dunn's primarily comlaints are as follows:
  • Everyone Is Stupid
  • Wooden Heroes
  • The tale sags under pointless asides
  • the bad guy is the most interesting character

Now, to be fair, I haven't read Under The Dome yet. . . so I can't counter anything said! And, I plan to like it. That's the deal. I've already decided: I'm ging to spend lots of money on this, and I will like it. So, to the negative reviews, my fingers are in my ears and I'm going "bla-bla-bla." So there, Andrew Dunn -- who's "opinions are his own" and "do not reflect the opinions of" That's always nice to read, since they're providing the prenting press. I'll stop now.

If you need to read this review, it's here.

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