Under The Dome Notes #3

I'm not reading this quickly. I'm reading this on CD. It's only 1 (one) mile to work. This used to be good. . . but now I'm wishing I had 20 or 30 minutes drive time.

  • A question: Does anyone notice that all of the pictures of UNDER the dome are from OUT of the dome? Why doesn't someone draw a picture of Under The Dome? I'm just sayin' . . .
  • Two guys walking along, one inside the Dome, one outside the Dome. Nice!
  • I'm freaked out by how King can take me inside Juniors head. I don't like it. I don't want to understand him. But that's what makes King such a good writer. I do identify. I liked the part where he woke up and hoped it was all a dream. I've had bad events in life where I woke up and thought -- ahhh! So it wasn't a dream?!
  • Calling Wolf Blitzer "Wolfie" is totally disgusting. Gross. Yuck. Now we're moving into the realm of horror. Gross. I'm going to go brush my teeth now.
  • Oh! And the description of the smell of blood. . .

This is pretty random, isn't it? Notes are like that.

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