Waiting For The Stephen King Diet Book

Joanne Eglash has an interesting article -- on an article -- by Stephen King. (did you follow that?) She shares a few of Mr. Kings favorite diet tips.

Here's a few diet tips you might want to consider: If you want to eat doughnuts, simply tap each doughnut before eating it -- thus causing the calories to "sink." Be sure not to eat the bottom of the doughnut, because that's where all the calories sank. I say. . . Add THAT to the Science of Stephen King!

Wait, there's more helpful advice from Mr. King. When craving candy, be sure to shake the box hard before opening it. "Shaking candy either knocks those pesky calories right out...or kills them. And it doesn't take a genius to understand that a dead calorie can't make you fat."

Now, I'm surprised King didn't mention one other weight loss plan. Get an old gypsy to point an angry finger at you and say, "THINNER!"

Or, another favorite diet plan from Mr. King was outlined in Survivor Type. Just check it out. -- Lady Fingers anybody?


See also Stephen King's article, The Terror Diet. (Just for fun)

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