Ebay Under The Dome

Ebay is a great way to build a Stephen King collection. Last week I watched a lot of 37 King books, most of them red leather bound Stephen King library editions go on auction. I held back from bidding -- and then forgot. They went for 31.00. !!! Yikes!
But there are a few things that irritate me. For one, advanced copies of Under The Dome for sale. Isn't this a breach of the agreement the reader/reviewer made when receiving the book?
Another irritation is people who blatantly violate copywrite laws. Both The Stand and IT are often offered on MP3 download. But. . . something stinks here because you can't buy these books in audio edition from any legal, credible source. Something very naughty is up and I doubt Santa will be visiting their houses. Or better yet, lock them in under the Dome.
What I don't buy from ebay -- ever : Signed copies of King books. I'm sure some are legit, but I'm doubtful. Too easy for forget Kings signature. If you want signed stuff, buy from either the publisher or Betts Bookstore.

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  1. Actually you can. Often times you can find books that aren't available as commercial audiobooks in stores and retail shops available as books for the blind.

    These are legal and performed by professionals. However, they are only supposed to be offered by those institutions.