Examiner.com interview -- Children of the Corn

Though Children of the Corn bombed out in my opinion, Examiner.com has a worthwhile interview with composer Jonathan Elias.

Elias gives this insight to Children of the Corn, "I was hired with the understanding that they wanted to freshen it up – to use the old themes but in a fresh light. The producer/director Donald [Borchers] is an old friend of mine. He was actually the producer of the first one. So it was understood what I was walking in to. And part of the fun was that I got to have my daughter involved, singing on the score. She is one of the Children of the Corn choir singers."

Read full interview: http://www.examiner.com/x-12873-Soundtracks-Examiner~y2009m10d17-Exclusive-interview-Children-of-the-Corn-Vamp-and-Prayer-Cycle-soundtrack-composer-Jonathan-Elias?cid=channel-rss-Arts_and_Entertainment

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