The Wit And Wisdom Of Stephen King

From the press release:
Albany, GA – BearManor Media proudly announces the release of its new book, The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King. 
Stephen King is one of the finest and most successful novelists in the history of American literature. Here, for the first time, is a one-of-a-kind collection of quotations by King on subjects as varied as writing, Hollywood, God and religion, his work, popular culture, critics, success, money, the supernatural, censorship, and Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of The Shining. These bon mots were culled from hundreds of print and television interviews, as well as essays and assorted works of nonfiction. Edited by Andrew J. Rausch, The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King contains an entertaining selection of observations both comic and profound. 
ISBN: 1-59393-648-6
Format: Softcover; 6” x 9”; 146 pages
Price: $14.95
Available through Ingram and  
It can be purchased at


  1. For no reason I can immediately figure out, the idea of this book makes me grumpy.

  2. (:
    you're funny.

    Probably because King did not write this, it's just stuff taken from his work. Kind of the. . . Proverbs according to Stephen King. (I'll stick with Solomon).

    1. Well, I'll probably still end up getting a copy at some point, grumpiness notwithstanding!

  3. I'll admit my first thought as scrolled down for a better look was that it was gag, only to find out it's ACTUAL freakin' book.

    Based on what I've seen from the kindle sample, I'm not seeing good prospects for this book.

    The main reason is this, King's a good writer, great in fact, right up there with Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce (in particular), and Charles Schulz. The thing is...he's not Shakespeare, Twain, Bierce or even Schulz...If you take my meaning correctly, that is.


    1. I do indeed.

      I've often thought that a good book could be gotten out of a "Stephen King Reader" that collected his best vignettes and such, but I'm not sure a book of quotations is going to be very special at all.

  4. I own the book and it actually looks pretty good, but then I'm a King completist. For some reason when you look inside the book on Amazon it jumbles everything together. The book I own looks nothing like that. It looks really nice and clean. As for the quotes, I thought they were pretty fun, but then I'm just a huge King nerd.