Star Pulse: Review Of Sleep Walkers

Good news. . . Sleep Walkers is out on Blu-ray.  Well, I'm not snapping up a copy, but I'm sure it's good news for someone out there.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jason Coleman's short review of the film at

It is safe to say that Coleman enthusiastically dislikes the movie.  I mean, he joyfully hates it!  This is actually a fun movie to poke at.  Honestly, where is MYST3K when we need them?  
King spends most of his story and Garris’s movie in the throws of skin-to-skin passion between mom Alice Krige and son Brian Krause and not so much with hot new girlfriend Madchen Amick. (What a waste!) Cheesy effects (the car changes model...and color!), sad story devices (Sleepwalkers are tormented by...cats!) and bad make-up work will leave most folks walking out, sleepy or not. 
My favorite scene is an obvious one: I like the Stephen King appearance.

I first saw this film in theaters.  Don't feel too sorry for me, my dad paid my way in. I was a teen, and he knew I liked Stephen King.  Unfortunately, he also went with me to see the show.  Awkward . . . watching a mom and son go at it as you sit next to your dad.

Like Cat's Eye, key parts of the plot were cut, leaving the audience unable to make necessary connections.  Anyway, rate this up there with movies I love to hate.  I think it's terrible, and am quite happy to see Mr. Coleman is on the same page.  Please, no one complain about how often I gripe about this movie, because I take such deep pleasure in criticizing it -- it's almost therapeutic 

However, if any of you want to put in a good word for Sleepwalkers. . . you'll be the first I'm aware of!  Go for it.


  1. "Honestly, where is MYST3K when we need them?"

    They're over at, maybe you can request it or maybe they'll get around to doing this movie some day!

  2. I've seen many modern films much worse than Sleepwalkers. No, it was not great, but far superior to Maximum Overdrive, The Mangler and Lawnmower Man.

  3. I to will take Sleepwalkers over Maximum Overdrive and The Lawnmower Man any day. I saw the movie in theaters when it first came out and found it at least entertaining. I own the movie on DVD and after seeing it again I felt that the CGI effects had aged considerably and look quite cheesy and the story reveals all its flaws. Still, Alice Krieg and Madchen Amick in one movie? That's worth the price of admission.