Mick Garris quote

"I've been able  to work  at the top level of television and be protected by Stephen Spielberg or a Stephen King, I mean there's always a 800 pound gorilla on either side and I'm a 50 pound chip in the middle being pulled both ways."
                          -- Mick Garris, tales from the script


  1. Shut up, Mick Garris! You are not a friend anymore.

    Sorry. Still mad about Bag of Bones.

  2. haha,
    I still think Mick Garris is awesome.

  3. Michele, you have every right to be angry.

  4. I still will never understand why King worked so often with him.

    King should sell the rights to everything he has ever written to Frank Darabont, the man who has proven over and over that he gets King like no one else does.