Dark Tower Reality

I like this website!  It has pictures of places described in The Dark Tower.  Check it out at www.darktowercompendium.com.

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  1. and only those, who has passed thru death,
    in other words, have been killed but not
    finished, meaning, survived death and
    conquered, stepped over the line not
    to the other side, but here in this
    world still living and stepping over
    death again and again...

    only these fall into category of the chosen
    roles in fantasy-come-true, even better,
    those who will match the roles, but best...
    fall into magic warp hole, finding
    the dark tower itself! and yes..
    I wouldn't write these words like i do now
    on the fly, doesn't this hold enough
    evidence and crudence to the statement
    which stands still eternally as strong
    as universe itself:
    "the dark tower is real, by time itself intact, its keys and power and full authority
    is at the hands... of him, who knows what he got."