301: Haven Makes Stronger Connections To The Colorado Kid

So how -- exactly -- is Haven related  to The Colorado Kid?  The show usually focuses on the towns  people and their oddities.  Really, this is the kind of town Carrie White would  feel right at home in.  The show has never given us an direct, on screen explanation of how it is connected to the Stephen King novel, or the larger King universe.

Danielle Turchiano at examiner.com has an article titled,  "Haven’ digs deeper into the Colorado Kid in its season three premiere."

She writes,
Haven’s third season premiere, “301,” does not cheekily refer to its episode number but instead to a key landmark within the town—a burial plot in which the Colorado Kid was laid to rest years ago. By finding it and digging it up, Audrey may finally be set on the path to find out some real answers. Unfortunately for her, it’s just going to take a while to get there.
Turchiano promises, "The Colorado Kid case was referenced so often in previous episodes we were literally wondering when there’d finally be a new development or reveal in that, and we’re happy to say that “301” delivers in such a way in the last few minutes of the episode that it was more than worth the wait."

The full article is HERE.


  1. In other words, the show continues to have virtually nothing to do with the novel...

    Hopefully the show will turn a corner this season and become better. Although to be fair, I should admit that I only the first half of the second season, so maybe that corner has been turned already and I just don't know it.

    I recently got the second season on Blu-ray; I suppose I ought to give it a good look at some point soon.

  2. I wonder what their ratings are looking like. 3 seasons is pretty good.

  3. The ratings for each episode can be found here:


    The series seems to average a bit less than two million viewers per episode, which is not particularly impressive (although clearly it's impressive enough for SyFy to keep renewing it). A comparison: "Mad Men" this past season averaged about 2.6 million; "Breaking Bad" does a bit better than that; and "The Walking Dead," which is an actual hit, averages around nine million per episode.

    That's still relatively small beans, though. A show like "NCIS" can average around 19 million per episode.

    My point is that for all intents and purposes, nobody watches "Haven." It's inexpensive enough that it makes financial sense for SyFy to keep it going, but it is not exactly what I'd call a big hit.