Happy Birthday Carrie!

Today, September 21, is Stephen King's birthday. It is also Carrie White's birthday. Sony Pictures notes, "Stephen King gave his iconic character Carrie, from his first published novel, the same birthday as him."

To celebrate their birthdays (King's and Carrie's), an official movie Facebook page has been launched.

Check out the birth certificate for Carrie, it's the first post, with this note: "17 years ago today Carrie White’s mother, Margaret White, gave birth to her daughter under circumstances which can only be termed bizarre."

I wonder if Carrie makes it out alive in this movie. . .

So, 2 questions:
1. If you could give Stephen King something for his birthday, what would you give him? (Don't be a creepy Annie Wilkes) 
2. If you could give Carrie White something for her birthday, what would you give her?


  1. I don't think there's much I have that I could possibly give Stephen King as a birthday present. So I simply give him well-wishes and the promise that I will continue to support him in his many endeavors.

    If I could give Carrie something for her birthday, it would be to arrange for her mother to contract a very fast-acting form of terminal cancer.

  2. My gift to Carrie: A very emphatic call to social services. But, imagine Carrie as a ward of the court. . .

  3. what do you think of my new header on the blog?

    1. I like it! The fact that the cover for "Doctor Sleep" is a fake throws it off a little, but otherwise, yeah, it's really good!

  4. Gosh, I'm afraid I agree, Bryant. My complaint, too. But I was SOOOO happy making the fake. Problem is, there's no third book that looks like those other 2.

    1. It's just a nitpick. Overall, it looks really good, especially with the carpet background!

      I've been changing mine up a lot lately, too. I think I like the idea of a revolving set of headers.

    2. I wish blogger would let us set it so that it changes automatically each month.

  5. Can either of you tell me how to change a header on my blog? I can't figure it out.

    1. Here's how I do it:

      (1) Design the image you want, which already has the blog's title inserted as text over the top of the image.

      (2) On Blogger, go to Layout.

      (3) Toward the top of the layout, you should see a section that has your blog's title inside it. Click Edit.

      (4) This should open a separate window called Configure Header. You should, here, see the image that you currently have selected. Click Remove Image.

      (5) You will now be able to select a new image. Tell Blogger to place it "instead of title and description." Hit save.

      (6) The Configure Header window will close, and you will be on Layout again. Hit save arrangement, and that should be all it takes.

      Hope that helps!