Toyota and Miximum Overdrive

In an article titled, "Toyotas speeding out of control like something out of a bad Stephen King movie" David McSwan has visions of Maximum Overdirve coming to life.

Clearly, Toyota's bad batch of cars -- you know, the ones that accelerate beyond the driver's control and open up a series of potentially dangerous scenarios -- isn't a thing fiction. But all the recent hullabaloo and media talk of out-of-control vehicles could just be a real-life homage to one of the worst fiction stories of all time: 1986's Maximum Overdrive.

Written and directed by onetime Boulder resident Stephen King, the film features an earlier version of the still prepubescent Emilio Estevez (bro of accused wife-threatener Charlie Sheen). Better yet, it illustrates in magnificent banality just what would happen if one day all machines, and especially motor vehicles, turned on the human race.

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