A&E Biography

Biography channel ran King's biography, originally on A&E.
Best part: The interviews.
The worst part: A lot of gloss over.
The 45 min episode comes across as being an overly ambitious project. No mention of Kings drug use or other major events. There were some good shots of Betts bookstore, but it feels rushed and never focuses on any substance. In a recent attempt to update the 8 year old documentery, the episode had been chopped up in the middle to include quick mention of recent books -- as of the update. Really, rather sloppy. Pictures of him as the voice over talks about him in his 20's, while the picture is of King in his 30's or 40's.
Truth is, A&E doesn't do that good a job on authors. I was also disappointed with their biography of Charles Dickens, which in much the same way cataloged his books but failed to give any real insight to the person. And, again the same complaint about the Edgar Allen Poe biography.
There were several interviews which I wish I could have seen more of. In particular, David King's "home video" was quite interesting. Also, the interviews with King's childhood friends and the interview with Stephen King were all great. You know, I wish I could buy the DVD and as a "special" feature they would have the raw footage of all those interviews.

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