Audio Books On Their Way!

I was really excited looking over today. Honestly, I was looking for hints. You know, something about the next Dark Tower book or Full Dark no Stars. Maybe even the titles of the stories in Full Dark no Stars would be nice. Feels like a kid who got a Christmas gift under the tree -- but it's in one of those boxes you can't figure out what it is.

Anyway. . .

Under upcoming audiobooks was a list of books I've been pacing the floor whishing I could get. Of course, every time I post that I want these books, someone has to comment that they already have a copy of these books on audio. Sure. . . if pretend to be BLIND!!! (smile, okay)

Notice, even The Tommyknockers is on the list. Of course, what I'm really looking forward to is the audio edition of IT.

So, here's the list I'm all excited about:

  • The Long Walk -- Estimated Release: April, 2010
  • Firestarter -- Estimated Release: April, 2010
  • Cujo -- Estimated Release: April, 2010
  • Roadwork -- Estimated Release: April, 2010
  • The Running Man -- Estimated Release: April, 2010
  • Christine -- Estimated Release: May, 2010
  • IT -- Estimated Release: May, 2010
  • The Eyes of the Dragon -- Estimated Release: May, 2010
  • The Tommyknockers -- Estimated Release: May, 2010
  • The Dark Half -- Estimated Release: May, 2010

Of course, what this really means is that I need to start saving a LOT of money between now and April. I mean, IT is probably going to cost a billion dollars. So I'll just start saving those audible credits.

Ah, merry Christmas and stuff like that. If this list is acurate, 2010 is going to be SWEET. And I was just wondering what I would listen to as I opened the last folder of CD's for Under the Dome.

Anyone who laughs at me for being hyper will be sent out into the mist where terrible things will eat them alive.

Hey, where's THE STAND?. . .


  1. Terrific that all these titles are coming out as audiobooks--to check out reviews on many existing audios--see AudioFile's King audiobook "audiography"
    To save $ on audiobooks check your library--many systems now have downloadable audiobooks

  2. here's the link -sorry -- King audiobooks

  3. Hey, thanks for the great link!

    Yes, library is a workable solution to the money problem. I've done that. Our library only allows one extension, and sometimes on a stephen King book that's not enough time!

    audible has worked well for me.