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Stephen King's upcoming book in November "Full Dark, no Stars," is once again an offering of four novella's. This time they all have the theme of retribution and one of the novellas is about Hemingford Home. We all remember Hemingford Home (Nebraska) as the residence of Mother Abagail in The Stand. On the S.K. message board, Bev Vincent points out that in the novel IT, Ben Hanscom lived there as well.
This will be the third book of four Novellas:
Different Seasons
Four Past Midnight
Full Dark, no Stars
Novellas are strange creatures. They're not novels -- exactly. So they don't get published as single volumes, unless they become famous (or you have to read them in school). Steinbeck wrote lots of them. When they're famous, they're just called short novels.
I'm looking forward to Full Dark, no Stars. What a delightful offering after the massive Under The Dome.
Favorite King novella's:
The Mist
The Langoliers
The Body
The library Police
The Sun Dog
Graveyard Shift
The Running Man
Umney's Last case
(Is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon a novella?)
Now, just as a note, I liked the movie Secret Window a lot more than the book. I thought it was much tighter and pulled things together that were left hanging in the print version.
Ever notice that most of the Bachman books are novella's? Of ocurse, the Regulators was the longest, and Thinner a normal length novel.
Favorite novella's -- not by Stephen King
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Stevenson
Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck
The Pearl, Steinbeck
The old man and the sea, Hemmingway
A Christmas Carol, Dickens
The Hound of the Baskerville's, Conan Doyle
Frankenstein, Shelly
Animal Farm, Orwell
Not so favorite novella's for me include "Heart of Darkness." Every English teacher in the world can now be mad at me. . . but that's it! I can't stand Heart of Darkness. There, I said it.
The sweet thing for Constant Readers is that King is good enough to give us four novella's all at once. And honestly, I enjoy the novella much much more than the short story.

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